Blue Circle Counseling

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Creative healing and change for individuals, families, and agencies



I’m Kathy Morgan, Licensed Professional Counselor.


My specialities are:

Joining with individuals in discovering their best selves.

Assisting families increase meaningful connections & joy

Taming the turmoil that can happen when humans share a roof

Healing hurting hearts

Helping organizations increase team connection by using fun activities customized around your goals.


Through reconnecting to one's strengths, honing emotional regulation, social, or executive functioning skills, learning mindful practices, increasing attachment, or carving out fresh new goals, together we can craft a plan to help you arrive at a place more closely aligned with your dreams.


By slightly shifting the energy you already possess, you may find the process of change can be refreshing and relief can be obtained more quickly than you imagined.


In my 30+ years working in public schools, I've been a Special Education Teacher, a Behavior Specialist, an In-Home and Parent Trainer, a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP), a Satori Alternatives for Managing Aggression (SAMA) Trainer, and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

I've trained parents, teachers; public, private, and charter school professionals; residential treatment centers, alternative schools, educational service centers, and private agencies.


I now bring this richly diverse experience to you, to families, groups, and individuals to explore ways to call up your strengths and colloboratively carve out your path towards discovering ways to shift towards your goals.


Parents and guardians who discover how energizing it can be to learn new skills, then seeing the glimmers of change by the young people around them, often realize these slight adjustments were just the catalyst needed to shift their family into a more functional cohesive unit.


I’ve always loved circles, especially blue ones, and together these two elements represent my work. Blue is the color of healing. Our Earth the ultimate connecter of us all, is often represented as the big beautiful blue circle. Being in the presence of circles helps us reconnect to what's important and offers an opportunity to become grounded once again.


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